#SaveNaturalNews buttons, banners and petition released… join the movement to protect speech and defeat Google’s politically motivated censorship

As the censorship onslaught against Natural News continues to be waged by Google and the deep state, a massive outpouring of support is building momentum across the ‘net to speak up for Natural News and the Health Ranger.

SIGN THIS WHITE HOUSE PETITION NOW to demand the federal government investigate Google’s monopolistic violations of speech and selective censorship of dissenting voices.

For the record, Google de-listed the ENTIRE NaturalNews.com website and silenced our speech. It was a human decision, it was made without warning, and it was carried out just days after a threat was made against me last week that if I refused to publicly destroy InfoWars (Alex Jones), I would be destroyed instead.

When I refused to betray InfoWars and Jones, I was then subsequently hit with a “human decision” at Google to blacklist the entire Natural News website, without warning. Google has now cited an obscure provision of “webmaster guidelines” but would not even tell us which URLs they believed violated those guidelines. (See below for more technical details.) Another source in the independent media privately tells me this is confirmed as a “CIA hit.” I haven’t independently confirmed that, however. But it reeks of it, for sure. Same kind of sh#t being leveled against Trump, frankly.

I’ve already warned Jones that other people in the independent media are also being targeted and threatened to destroy him. It’s a full-on WAR being waged against all the prominent voices of free speech. InfoWars should get with the program and help support the “save Natural News” movement that’s rapidly growing across the ‘net. (See the buttons below.) Hang together, or hang separately, get it?

Google is now citing an obscure technical reason concerning ad code on about a dozen blogs pages from 2013 – 2014, located on a subdomain blogs.naturalnews.com, as their justification for banning the entire NaturalNews.com website. Google did not warn us of this decision in advance; they did not initially tell us what URLs “violated” the “webmaster guidelines” and to date they have only provided us with ONE URL, while banning 140,000+ on the root domain which had nothing to do with the blogs subdomain. (i.e. Blogs.NaturalNews.com)

What’s especially suspicious about all this is that Google banned Adsense advertising on the blogs.naturalnews.com network months ago, and now they cite this competing ad network as a “violation of webmaster guidelines.” Can you spell M-O-N-O-P-O-L-Y? First, Google demonetizes your site, then they blacklist you for third party ad code that replaced their Adwords code. Now, we’re been forced to rip out ALL third party advertising code from all blogs content, which is no doubt exactly what Google wanted to achieve. IT’S INSANE.

The obvious message from Google is that nobody is allowed to earn revenues except THEM and their “friends” who are all pro-Hillary, pro-vaccine, pro-GMO public relations rags.

Special scrutiny for sites that don’t support Clinton, vaccines, GMOs or Big Pharma

It’s clear in my mind that Google subjected Natural News to SPECIAL SCRUTINY that never would have been directed against the Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Reddit or anyone else. In essence, somebody at Google was looking for any reason to ban the entire Natural News website, and by scrutinizing enough code from old blog pages under a subdomain, they found their lame excuse. In essence, Google can essentially claim almost anyone is in “violation” of webmaster guidelines if they look hard enough.

It’s notable that the only reason that blogger even posted the third party ad code was because Google banned Adwords ads from our blogs subdomain in the first place. Apparently, Google has so much hatred for nutrition, disease prevention and protecting children from mercury in vaccines that they won’t even allow the monetization of such content.

That all this is happening reveals a whole new form of “censorship by technical scrutiny” that Google is apparently using to silence websites they don’t like. Very sad. Highly unethical. This was obviously “ordered” by someone higher than Google, no doubt some elements of the “deep state,” and Google is now carrying out the bidding of those who seek to silence me. To quote Justice Clarence Thomas, this is a modern-day high-tech lynching.

SIGN THIS WHITE HOUSE PETITION NOW to demand the federal government investigate Google’s monopolistic violations of speech and selective censorship of dissenting voices.

Post and share the buttons and banners below, and thank you for your support! We will not be silenced. We will not be intimidated. We will continue to speak the truth on all the topics that matter to our lives, our health, our environment and our political future. And yes, we will certainly work to comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines, but they are clearly singling us out for a level of selective scrutiny and censorship that would never be applied to any other large-scale “liberal” content site. If they would have simply reached out to my webmaster tools email address and said, “Hey, you have a handful of these really old pages running some weird ad network code on one of your subdomains, please remove them,” this would have been a non-issue. Instead, they blacklist the entire root domain in an act of clear censorship and sabotage that never would have been applied to prominent “progressive” publishers.

Natural News was singled out precisely because of our speech. The technical issue was merely the excuse.







Click here to hear my latest podcast describing this epic David vs. Goliath battle with Google.


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